A Millinocket woman is facing charges after allegedly causing a crash on I-95 and then fleeing the scene.

When Was the Crash?

When Maine State Police Trooper Ferland arrived at the scene of a two-vehicle crash on I-95 in Orono on Thursday morning, he only found one vehicle. The other had, reportedly, already fled the scene. He learned the description of the other vehicle and put out a BOLO (be on the lookout) to other agencies for a black SUV with serious rear end damage.

What Happened?

Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss says that as a result of an investigation into the circumstances of the crash, Trooper Ferland determined that the SUV was in the northbound travel lane when the driver cut across the passing lane in order to illegally use a crossover. While entering the crossover, the SUV was struck by another vehicle in the passing lane who was unable to stop or avoid the collision. A 76-year-old Littleton man who drove the second vehicle was transported to a local hospital with unspecified injuries.

Where Did Police Find the Second Vehicle?

The Bangor Police Department finally located the black SUV sitting in the parking lot at Walmart on Stillwater Avenue. Trooper Ferland looked up the owner of the vehicle and charged Marsha Gonya, 65, of Millinocket with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident and also issued a summons for illegally using an interstate crossover. Officials say Gonya was not hurt in the crash.

Maine State Police remind drivers that using crossovers is not permitted for any reason whatsoever. It is illegal and is also highly dangerous to everyone driving on the interstate.

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