I Saw the Light, the Hank Williams biopic, hit select theaters March 25 and stars Tom Hiddleston as the iconic country legend.

Based on a 1994 biography by Colin Escott, George Merritt and William MacEwen, the film tells the story of the ups and downs of Williams’ career and personal life, including the darker sides. It touches on his professional success, performances at the Opry and life on the road, but also his family troubles, drinking habits and unfaithfulness.

I Saw the Light made an early debut in October, and at the premiere, Hiddleston told Taste of Country he expected the backlash for his playing the role, largely due to the fact that he is British.

"I expected [that reaction]. There’s this slightly sensationalizing debate that happens every time a Brit plays an American or an American play a Brit,” he said with a laugh.

Hiddleston added that this level of gravity pushed him to take it all the more seriously and work even harder to get it right.

“As soon as I signed up, I understood the enormity of my responsibility, and it took me a while to fully say yes, because I knew that once I said yes, I was going to have to cancel everything else in my life and make this a priority, because Hank Williams means so much to so many people. He’s an icon, and he’s left a legacy in American music which is evergreen."

Though the role was daunting for the actor, he calls it a dream opportunity.

"It was challenging — of course it was — doing something like this isn’t easy, but it’s the best kind of work,” Hiddleston said. “It’s the sort of work you dream of as an actor.”

I Saw the Light is now playing in theaters nationwide.

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