No slacking on my first day back from vacation, with Bill looking over my shoulder.  

I got back from a week’s vacation on Monday, with the warmth of the Jersey shore still in my heart. Getting up at 3:30 AM was pretty rough, even though my husband and I arose early every day while we were away. But going to the beach early in the morning is, let’s face it, a whole lot more appealing than going to work.  

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Still, I was prepared this morning to work hard and put forth my best effort. Well, for the first Monday back from vacation, that is. I figured I’d do my on-air shift, post a couple of stories on the website, and sneak out early to take a nap. But that was not to be, especially when I saw my new guardian angel in my office.  

Actually, that’s incorrect. The Bill Belichick poster you can see over my shoulder is actually pointed toward the guys on our sports station. It says ‘Do Your Job,’ which, I guess, is a reminder to them to concentrate on their work. But, see, we have a window between our two studios, so the Belichick scowl is also pointed at me. In fact, there’s another window in front of where I sit, enabling me to see into the Q-106.5 studio. So, as I sit in my chair, I’m looking at a reflection of the Hoody, glaring at me with that stern reminder.  

As a result, on this first Monday back from vacation, I will sit at my desk all day. I will post as many stories as I can come up with, and start looking ahead to tomorrow’s news stories. I will clear my recyclables, take out my trash, and polish the countertops. Basically, I’ll do anything to look busy, and stay busy, because I don’t want Bill to be disappointed in me.  

Maybe this is why Tom Brady went to Tampa Bay. That scowl gets under your skin in a hurry.  

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