Maine sure has a lot of people that have chickens and sell eggs along the roadside. Actually, not just chicken eggs, but duck eggs too.

Eggs have come a long way in the grocery store too.  Cage free. Free Range. No chemicals or antibiotics. Organic. There sure are a lot more choices than white or brown, or sizes of the eggs.

May is National Egg Month.  Who knew.  Most of us like eggs, eat them, and continue with our daily routines.  What are we supposed to do to celebrate Egg Month? Eat more eggs? Probably not.

Being creatures of habit, we probably prepare our eggs the same way each and every time we eat them.  Not counting, hard boiled to make egg salad, the only way I eat eggs is scrambled. Or maybe once or twice a year when I have an omelet. Who doesn’t love omelets, it’s like a whole meal.

Scrambled eggs are the most popular way to prepare eggs in the country. 18 of 50 states prefer scrambled. Maine is not one of them according to zippia   

More Mainers poach their eggs than any other way.  Healthy.


If you were go into a diner in Texas and ask the guy at the counter how he likes his eggs, he’ll reply “I really like them sumbitches”

So Poached or Scrambled or Sunny Side Up or Over Easy, or in an Omelet, enjoy your eggs this morning.  And shop local. They are noticeably better. Now, Watch the sparks fly off my knife and fork.

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