Our puppy Gifford is growing fast, and he has a unique way of letting us know it's time to let him in.

Jim and I have really enjoyed having Gifford in our family. He's super-sweet and cuddly, but his rapidly growing body is making him awkward. In a little less than seven months, Gifford has grown so tall, he looks me in the face when he stands on his back legs. It's funny watching him try to maneuver around, jumping on and off couches, and sometimes getting his feet tied up.

While he enjoys snuggling inside with us, Gifford is definitely a lover of the outdoors. Those long legs enable him to run so fast around the yard that our Golden Retriever Lola doesn't even try to keep up with him. We can't wait for summer when he's able to run without the hindrance of snow. Then again, it may be challenging keeping him in the yard!

For the first few months, Gifford let us know that he wanted to come back inside by banging into the door. But he's found a better way to let us know that he's done being outside. Imagine our surprise the first time he did this!

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