Oprah walks into a Starbucks. Stop me if you've heard this one

She orders her drink.  The barista says "What's your name" Oprah replies "Oprah" Then she said "How do you spell that?" "O-p-r-a-h"

Could you imagine how rare it would be if you are Oprah and you don't get recognized? That must be almost constant. "Oh wow. You're Oprah"

I thought of the times I'd gone to Starbucks and they spelled my name S-c-o-t. "Excuse me, who is the guy from Scotland that ordered this drink?"

What is it like to have a name that must be constantly spelled for people? And I feel for those on the other end as well, wanting to get it right sometimes you might have to ask "one more time"

Wonder what Oprah ordered? And how much she left in the tip jar. "A new car"


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