What is 'left over' pizza?  What house are you living in?  I read a lot of articles looking for talk topics that I feel will be of interest to the Q106.5 Morning Show audience.  And when I read the headline 'The Only Way To Reheat Left-Over Pizza', I perked up.  Gotta read that .  I thought of 2 ways.  Microwave.  Or Oven.  Or actually a third way... eat it cold the next morning.  But the article says don't pop it into the microwave, or put it into the oven. Reheat pizza in a non-stick pan on the stove. Add a drop or two of water and cover the pan to create steam that will soften the cheese like it is fresh, and heat up your pie.  Gotta try it, because after reading that, it's definitely Pizza Night at the Miller residence tonight.

Here is the link to Reader's Digest where the story originated

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