This past weekend in Skowhegan, there was a horse making its debut, that everyone had their eye on. It was a young horse named after fallen police officer Cpl. Eugene Cole, who dies in the line of duty last year. His death sent shock waves throughout the entire state and the owner of the horse, Mike Cushing, felt this would be a great way to honor Cpl. Cole.

So on Sunday, Cpl. Cole the horse, made his first appearance at the Skowhegan Fairgrounds and came in a very impressive fourth place. Not bad for a brand new horse on it's first run. He even had a special harness with the Deputy Sheriff's insignia on it, and a blue band to honor Eugene Cole. Cushing said this to NewsCenterMaine:

If it's making people talk about Gene Cole and thinking about him again, mission accomplished.

Cole's family has even been to the stable to visit the horse, and is thoroughly supportive of this young race horse. So hopefully we'll see a lot more of him. And if he's placing fourth on his first race, it would seem the sky is the limit for what he can do in the future.

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