Looking for some spooky movies that hit close to home? Here's a list of freaky flicks filmed in Bangor and surrounding areas.

Maine is the perfect setting for spooky movies. Old creepy dilapidated buildings, dark desolate back roads, and downtown historic architecture makes for perfect backdrops. It should come as no surprise that all these movies are Stephen King adaptations. Matter of fact, many of these films were actually filmed in various locations around Bangor. Here's our list of five movies filmed in the Bangor area.

Creepshow 2:

There's a whole lot of Bangor in the third vignette, The Hitchhiker. The main character Annie Lansing (Lois Chiles) is seen walking out of the Franklin Place Condominiums, to her car, on Franklin St. in Downtown Bangor. She then drives around Downtown in various shots, as well as the Joshua Chamberlain Bridge. Stephen King even makes a cameo in the vignette as a truck driver who's seen lighting a road flare.

Graveyard Shift:

The old Bangor Waterworks is the real-life setting of the deadly Bachman textile mill. The 1990 adaptation follows John Hall (David Andrews) as he begins to work at a newly reopened, rat-infested, mill when employees begin to meet mysterious deaths.

Pet Sematary (1989):

The film famously features Stephen King as a pastor in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Bangor. The actual house in the movie is located in Hancock. The house that King lived in while writing the novel is located on the River Road in Orrington.

The Langoliers:

Perhaps this isn't a film to watch before catching a flight. An abandoned Bangor International Airport is the setting for this TV miniseries. The adaptation made its debut back in 1995. Get a look at those "special effects." TV has come a long way.

Storm of the Century:

Now for another TV miniseries. This is the only one on our list that wasn't filmed in Bangor. The 1999 adaptation was filmed in Southwest Harbor. Auditions were held in January 1998, the first day of what became known as The Ice Storm of 98. Fitting.

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Wicked Scary Productions is working on what's reported to be a horror-comedy. The film was shot in around Bangor.

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