The Holden Police Department is holding a yard sale on Saturday that will include free ice cream from Darling's Ice Cream for a Cause truck.

Holden's Police Chief Chris Greeley has a real sense of community, encouraging his officers to do random acts of kindness on a regular basis. That could mean helping an older resident shovel their walk or carrying groceries into the house, or any other ways to interact in a non-law-enforcement manner. Just this week, they posted a picture on their Facebook page of trash stickers they purchased (through a donation from the Maine Masons) for a local family in need.

What is the 25 Days of Kindness Program?

That community spirit and generosity gets ramped up to 10 (or should I say 25), from December 1st to Christmas Day, during their 25 Days of Kindness. Their good deeds could be as small as giving a restaurant gift card to someone who encounters an officer in the community, or as large as providing Christmas gifts for a local family in need. Everything they hand out to others has been donated or purchased with cash contributions, and the community has really rallied around the idea.

What Do They Have For Sale?

As the weather gets colder, Holden Police have started planning for this year's 25 Days of Kindness, and so they're holding a yard sale on Saturday morning. Chief Chris Greeley told me that these are not your typical yard sale items.

Most of what we'll be selling is actually brand new, including clothes, sneakers, and stuffed animals. The tags/labels are still on most items.

In addition to the yard sale, the Darling's Ice Cream for a Cause truck will be there, handing out free ice cream. All the donations collected at the truck will also benefit the 6th annual 25 Days of Kindness program.

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