Holden Police holds a yard sale in their parking lot on Saturday, Sept. 25, and it will benefit the community in the month of December.

The yard sale is being held from10 AM to 2 PM to benefit the Holden Police Department’s upcoming 25 Days of Kindness.  Another piece of evidence that time flies, this will be their 5th Anniversary year of 25 Days of Kindness.

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How many noticed the use of the word evidence in the last sentence?

From 11 am to 1 pm Saturday,  the Darling's Ice Cream Truck will be at the Police Station too. All that money raised will be used to help children, families and organizations from December 1st to Christmas day.

Don't let any rain hold you back, if it's heavy rain they have a breezeway to set up the items that are for sale.  And if you are wondering where does a police department get these items, it is a two-fold answer.  Some items are brand new items that were purchased with money raised for last year's gift-giving and are remaining from that. Or they are items that were given to the Police for the sale, or items turned in that were not picked up.

Last year Holden Police Department gave away over $7,000 worth of gifts.  Tip of the cap to the Department.  And Police Chief Greeley gets the last words

We'll use the money raised to either make cash donations to people and organizations in December, or, buy specific things we find families need or less-privileged children in the area would like to get for Christmas.

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