Did you know it's National Paul Bunyan Day?

I mean, it seems like today really should be way more of a big deal around here than it seems to be, amiright??? In many ways, isn't he Bangor's most famous citizen? Why is there no parade? Why aren't all the car dealerships having huge sales? Why am I not seeing the entire town running around in red flannel shirts, carrying a blow-up peavey?

Sure, Stephen King is more "famous" and has big bucks that he does a lot of good with throughout the community... But does he stand at attention, 24/7, greeting nearly every single person that enters our Queen City? Nope.

And forget all the other towns around the country that try to claim Mr. Paul as theirs. Portland, Oregon has a statue, a town in Minnesota has one too. But were these, or any of those places ever literally called the Lumber Capital of the World?! Bangor was. Really, this sort of threat to our boy should be keeping all of us up at night, wringing our hands and pacing the floor.

So, Bangor... What are you going to do? Are you going to stand up and celebrate Bangor's most dedicated resident, or are you just going to bring Cousin Cheryl from Michigan down to get one more crappy selfie before you taker her to the airport? Are you going to show the world how much you care about Paul Bunyan, or are you going to have just a few too many beers, try to climb the base, and chip your tooth on a brick?

I know what my choice is......

See you after last call.