It's a blessing to have a spot like Hermon Mountain so close by.

It really is. And that's coming from someone who can't do either of the things the mountain caters to the most. I'm terrified of riding skis or snowboards. Always have been. However, I've lived in Maine my whole life and am quite aware of how much that culture is woven into our state.

One of the coolest things about Maine, is that there are lots of decent skiing mountains. And there seems to be one somewhat near everyone. But our own little mountain in Hermon is a boon to locals. Sure, it's a short run, but it's also just a ten minute ride from Hampden or Bangor. Barely more than that from Orono.

Opening weekend is always a bit flexible.

According to WABI, Hermon Mountain is hoping to get the season underway this weekend, starting on Friday. They've been making snow at a fast and furious pace for days. Especially trying to make up for all the snow loss from last week. Things looked good when there was nearly a foot of snow on the ground.

But they're snow making efforts around the clock have been paying off. So with a bit of luck and Mother Nature on their side, the runs will begin. No official word on tubing opening up yet, although when I reached out to them a few weeks back, they hoped to have it going in January.

For folks who do enjoy winter sports, it's all ultimately great news. And it's another year the area can enjoy having a small, but fierce, ski mountain to zip down. How many other places can say they pretty much have their own personal ski area?

Hermon Mountain has been for sale, but let's take a moment to enjoy all these photos...

Hermon Mountain Ski Area is on the Market

Right in the heart of Central Maine is this amazing little ski mountain, Hermon Mountain SKi Area. The 20 trail mountain has recently been placed on the market.

The mountain includes the trails, chairlift, lodge, rental equipment, snowmaking, tubing park, and more.

The property is listed for $5 million by SVN The Masiello Group

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