Earlier this week, we asked you guys to help us compile a list and vote on the roads in Eastern Maine (and beyond) that you thought needed a do-over.

We're talking the traffic flow is bad. We're talking pedestrian traffic and mass transit and passenger vehicles and commercial trucks are just a mess on these particular Maine roads. Maybe, the road is just a dangerous road due to speed (or speeders) or really scary in inclement weather.

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No matter the cause here are the roads you voted on as badly needing a do-over. But, first, let's take a look at which road led the list.

High Street through Ellsworth

Barely making it to number one, but making it to a well-deserved first place no doubt, is High Street through Ellsworth. There's so many lights, so many lanes but no real flow for the traffic. You get in the wrong lane and you have to do a Hail Mary to hope you can get in the other lane safely. It's a busy road with many businesses on either side of the road and for this, High Street, you have earned the road in Eastern Maine in most need of a do-over. We love you but, the truth can hurt sometimes.

Here are the roads that were voted in most need of a do-over from our list.

1. High Street in Ellsworth

2. Stillwater Avenue near the mall in Bangor

3. Route 1A section through Holden

4. Bar Harbor, like, the whole thing

5. All of 1A from Bangor to Ellsworth

6. Bangor Mall Boulevard

7. Business section of Broadway in Bangor

8. State Street near Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

9. (THREE-WAY TIE) Stillwater Avenue through Old Town, Downtown Bangor, State Street in Bangor

10. Main Street in Bucksport

Thanks to all who voted and we hope to see some changes to these well-loved roads in the future, for your safety and for your patience.

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