Bangor Police Department

Living in Bangor, we often forget what makes the city ... how should we put it? Unusual.

For instance, if your police department's mascot is a duck, you know you're from Bangor. If you've seen the Harlem Globetrotters or the Shrine Circus at least once at the "old barn," you know you're from Bangor.

If you eat at least one red hot dog during a high school basketball tournament game, well, you know where we're going with this...

Here are 15 other ways you know you're from Maine's Queen City.

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    Even though it's freezing, your New Year's Eve celebration includes a beach ball

    Who needs Times Square when you can go downtown Bangor?! This is a newer tradition, but one that seems to grow every year. Wrap a beach ball with Christmas lights and throw it off a downtown building. Then, let the crowd bounce it around for a little while before everyone finds one last bar to hit before closing time.

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    You've been in an argument about whether Paul Bunyan is really from Bangor

    A few years back we were directly attacked by Bemidji, Minnesota, which is one of the many places who claim to be the hometown of our beloved lumberjack. Wherever he's from, we are glad to call him ours! It's even been said that Bunyan's birth certificate resides at Bangor City Hall. Take that, Bemidji!

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    You've been winded after climbing to the top of the Thomas Hill Standpipe

    How many cities have famous standpipes!? Bangor does! If the 100 creaky stairs don't take your breath away, the view will! What better way to see your Queen City?

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    You’ve been sledding down Essex Street Hill.

    It might not have ended well, but you've probably done it! There is some serious sledding that goes on here including speed and sometimes even snow pile jumps. Maybe someday they'll install a ski lift. It's along walk back up that hill.

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    You've driven an out-of-town friend by Stephen King's house

    You probably drive by this house every now and then but when friends and family come to town it is a photo op many can't refuse. I have played photographer on multiple occasions on West Broadway. Maybe someday King will poke his head out the door and say something weird. That would be cool.

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    You've waited in line for an hour to get an original Coffee Pot sandwich

    You remember the long lines outside the Coffee Pot's light green building on State Street. You remember the taste was unmatched by others. You also probably remember the smell... a very distinct smell that seemed to linger for at least two days. It was worth it, though.

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    You wouldn't think of dressing like a witch on Halloween in case someone thinks you're from Brewer

    Of course all high school sports create rivalries, but the competition between the Rams and the Witches across the river has been intense for many years. This leads to some creative chants during high school basketball tournaments and some harmless senior pranks.

  • Amanda McDonald

    You watch the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race just so you can see the wipeouts at Six Mile Falls

    Why else would so many people attend a canoe race? It's a chance to see many of your neighbors, friends and family in crazy costumes as they try to stay afloat, let alone finish the race. If you've stood on the banks near Six Mile Falls, you've heard the collective "Ohhhhhs" as boat after boat capsizes.

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    You know exactly who they're talking about when someone says, 'You know, that guy who rides his bike around downtown?'

    Like any city or town, Bangor has a few well-known characters who just seem to always be around. This guy is one of them! He even had a Facebook page dedicated to him at one point! You know who I'm talking about. If you don't, well you're just not from Bangor.

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    You've seen at least one high school tournament game at the old Bangor Auditorium

    Of course the Cross Center is a huge improvement from the barn that was the Bangor Auditorium. But I can still smell the auditorium, that popcorn and sweat mix was oddly satisfying because it meant tourney time! High school basketball players today will never know the struggle of navigating the dead spots on that old floor.

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    You've seen Stephen King around town (most likely standing in the back of a movie theater.)

    Even though you know he's around, it's still a treat to see the master of horror because it seems like it's more of a rarity these days. I've been in the Bangor area for more than 20 years and have seen him less than five times. But here are some places you might find him.

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    You hung out with your friends at Bagel Central after school

    Within walking distance from some Bangor schools, this bagel joint is a favorite for its food as well as the environment to relax and study. When we say study we mean gossip with friends. You didn't really think we meant study, did you?

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    You’ve hung out at the Bangor Mall even though you had no money

    When we are deep in a Maine winter there is very little to do outside of the house without freezing your buns off. Luckily, the mall remains open allowing intense mall walkers and window shoppers to exercise their bodies and minds (and sometimes their wallets.)

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    You wore flannel shirts long before the hipsters took over downtown

    Remember when flannels were worn for warmth? Now every coffee shop and brewery is filled with flannel wearing hipsters. I'm still waiting for the long johns fad. If it's cool to wear warm clothes, you'd better believe I'll be the coolest wearing just long johns downtown.

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    You've corrected someone when they've mispronounced the city's name. (It's NOT Bang-er!)