I am way above the grade on this one. Recent survey says Americans have an average of 60 bad days a year. Am I lucky! It's pretty rare I'm not 'livin' the dream'

No surprise, 4 out of 5 of those bad days are attributed to work. Co-workers, bosses, feeling un-appreciated, and on and on. Isn't a lot of that internal? Meaning if you can get there in your mind, and not let it attach to you, you'd have fewer bad days. Makes sense to me.

Other reasons people said made their day a bad one? Feeling sick. Financial issues. When plans fall through. And sometimes bad hair days turn into bad days overall. Or not having enough hot water for your morning shower.

Good news. Most of us can shrug off our favorite sports team losing a game and not have it ruin our day. Actually that's a good way of looking at it. There's another game coming up, and it'll be a fresh start, and it'll be better.  Yeah that's the ticket.

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