The Bangor Police Department is asking for help. They are trying to locate a man who they say has been missing for a couple of weeks now.

According to Sgt. Jason McAmbley, 65-year-old Jeffrey Yaco of Bangor has not been heard from or seen by anyone. McAmbley says that's not like Yaco to go radio silent.

"Bangor PD has checked inside his apartment twice this past week and no results. He left behind his phone and medication. He has not gone to scheduled medical appointments. Both his health care provider and his one known friend who provides transportation to him have not seen him in this time frame, nor has he been seen by any neighbors from his apartment building. His absence is very uncharacteristic."

Although it's not known what he was last wearing, Yaco is described as being a white male, who is roughly 5 feet 10 inches tall. Yaco is said to weigh about 195 pounds and have brown hair and brown eyes.

Jeffrey Yaco, Bangor Police Department
Jeffrey Yaco, Bangor Police Department

If you have seen Yaco around town, or have been in contact with him, Detective Robert Hallett over at the Bangor Police Department would like to speak to you. Please give him a call at 947-7384, ext. 5755. You can also email him directly at

Here's the Full List of Missing Persons Cases in Maine

There are 34 people currently listed as missing here in Maine by the state police as of July 2022. If you recognize or have any information on the people listed here, please contact the police.

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