A stroll along the beautiful Brewer Riverwalk just might include some cute baby ducklings! I caught them on video, hanging out with their Moms and Dads.

If you've never strolled the riverwalk in Brewer, you really should check it out. It's beautiful! Not just a path along the water, it's a paved walk that winds through colorful gardens full of blooming flowers, past a waterfall that flows under a bridge. And, at the canoe launch, there are often ducks swimming around and, this time of year, lots of baby ducklings. They're adorable!

Photography is a hobby of mine and so, on my vacation last week, I decided to head to the Brewer waterfront to get some flower pictures. But the ducks captured my attention and I spent a good amount of time sitting on the riverbank, taking pictures and video of their antics. Not a bad way to spend a warm summer morning in Maine!

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