I know, I know. About 99.9% of the world feels like they'd never say that. But in the interest of full disclosure, I have a low-stress, fun job that does not require a lot of physical energy. About the hardest physical thing I have to do all day, is remember to sit up straight at the keyboard. And somehow...my back still hurts.

But this week, my wife and I had to pack and move. We had begun a good portion of it before we went on stay-cation, but the real bulk of the work was to be done while we had the days off to do so. So I had to go from the general comfort and ease of my day job, to boat-loads of actual labor. And in my mid-40's, I just don't seem to bounce back the way I did when I moved every 100 days back in my 20's. Go figure...

Now, I'm not looking for sympathy, despite the amount of whining that I'm doing. Most folks out there bust their behinds every day to put food on the table. And I am not putting myself in league with that. I'm an extremely lucky man.

And I guess that's my point. Sometimes in life, having something handed to you seems convenient, but there is nothing sweeter on God's green Earth, than earning something the hard way. Big rewards cam come from hard work, and I'm thankful I'm still able to do it when I have to.

So anyway, it's good to come back to my cushy job, slaving away over a hot microphone. My feet and back are glad to be here too.

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