For more than 5 years this fishing vessel has been resting in the mud just a few feet from Hampden's busiest road.

Amanda McDonald

During a 'sea trial' on the Penobscot river near Bangor in 2011 things did not go as planned and the boat has sat in the mud near Waterfront Marine in Hampden ever since. The ship newly named the 'Eastern Star' had also sunk at Rockland's pier not to long before.

Attempts to remove the ship thus far have been unsuccessful and in 2013 it was reported that the boat was up for salvage. Hampden has no plans to removed the ship even though many residents think it should be because it is an eyesore.

Did you know this was here? Do you think it should be removed?

It should be noted Waterfront Marina in Hampden is one of the best places to see the boat safely, but it is private property and the owner asks photos of the ship be taken from the roadway.