Every week we feature a new hometown and share photos and facts using hashtags on social media. This week our #hashtag hometown is Deer Isle!

This has to be one of the most unique towns in the state with a huge, beautiful bridge, dozens of islands surrounding it, famous residents, and important historical moments.

Today the town holds about 1,975 residents. While the area is full of fishermen and lobster men it is also a town of artists past and present. Today you have endless options for art galleries of every type and In the past author John Steinbeck wrote of the town saying:

"One doesn't have to be sensitive to feel the strangeness of Deer Isle"

While the town has numerous attractions the most popular and breathtaking are the wildlife  sanctuaries and other places with a view. From forest to sea in one turn of the head! One of our favorite things about the town is the light house views. There are actually 8 light houses within 12 miles of town.

Here are some great photos of Deer Isle we found on Instagram:


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