July 4th. Fireworks. Cookouts. Parades. All that. But to me, it's so much more.
It's an anniversary. No not a wedding anniversary, not my first one, nor my second. No comments from the peanut gallery. July 4th is the anniversary of the day I emigrated to America. When you do all the paperwork, and go through the process of immigrating, legally of course, the final process is to cross the border and have all your paperwork processed. You can do it at an International Airport, or a border crossing between the U.S. and Mexico or U.S. and Canada. I was working at the time for a Detroit radio station that was actually in Canada, in Windsor Ontario, right across the Detroit River. Actually at that geographic position, Canada is south of America. Anyway, I waited until nearly Midnight on the 3rd of July, and therefore entered the U.S. after Midnight on the 4th of July, just so my paperwork, and Canadian passport would be stamped July 4th.

This was step one to eventually becoming a very proud U.S. citizen. So, lecture time kids, celebrate and enjoy the fireworks, and the hot dogs, and the parades etc., but let's remember how good we have it in America. Let's, at least for this day of all days, put our differences that so many continually focus on behind us, and come together to celebrate America!

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