It might be too soon to be buying Halloween candy for some people. Full bag today might well lead to an empty bag in a week from now.

So, it is up to you.  But you may want to know what your neighbors are buying. Do you copy. Or do you blaze your own trail.

Might depend on if you are buying Halloween candy to hand out. Or because it’s there and why not participate in the festivities, even though nary a costumed kid is coming to your door.

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You probably can determine the general vibe of Halloween in your neighborhood. How many decorate their homes.  And to what extent do they participate.  Also how does it compare to ‘back in the day’ when you were all geeked up about Halloween.


If you are wondering what treats your neighbors are buying, there is a website for that.  Of course there is.

It might be for those that think they are being judged by what type of candy they are handing out.  You are being judged. So actually, it’s for those that care what the little ghosts and goblins think about your choice in sugary sweets.

The website determines the ‘Scare Score’ of your neighborhood. I googled Bangor and got a score of 79.9.  Pretty scary right? Actually, to be in the top ten you needed to be in the 90s The high 90s

They also list the most popular candies for you too.  For those who don’t consider Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as a basic food group.

Scott MIller
Scott MIller

Here’s the website to check your town or city Scare score.

Question for Adults at Halloween

If we don’t dress up for Halloween, are we going to be called Anti-Maskers?

Reminder. Don’t eat all the candy before the 31st.

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Getty Images

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