Police say Jessica Trefethan's mother allegedly lied to them about her daughter's whereabouts, after the suspicious death of her grandson.

Maddox Williams, 3, died at Waldo General Hospital, after being brought in by his mother and grandmother. Jessica Trefethan told doctors several stories: including that Maddox had been knocked down by a dog's leash and kicked by his sister; he'd fallen off a trampoline; and been knocked down by a puppy. After doctors told his mother that he had died, she and her mother, Sherry Johnson, left the hospital.

An autopsy revealed massive injuries, including a fractured spine, bleeding in his head, and a ruptured bowel, as well as multiple bruises. The death was ruled a homicide and an arrest warrant was issued for his mother, Jessica Trefethan. Police went to her Stockton Springs residence but were unable to find her.

When they approached Trefethan's mother about her whereabouts, the BDN reports Sherry Johnson told them she had dropped her daughter off at the pier in Searsport, because she said she wanted to be alone. Johnson allegedly claimed not to have seen Trefethan since then. But a check of security footage of Johnson's home told police that Trefethan was staying with her. Police say, when they left the hospital, the two women drove into Bucksport, before returning to Johnson's Stockton Springs home.

Court documents reveal that Johnson told police she knew that her daughter was not telling her the whole story about what happened to Maddox. She said she knew when they left the hospital that Trefethan would be arrested.

Johnson's bail was set at $2,000, with the condition that she not have any contact with her daughter and several other people. Trefethan is charged with depraved indifference murder.

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