Long time 'Survivor' fan turned contestant is now sporting the ultra fashionable tee-shirt diaper look after a mishap on Wednesday's episode.

Photo, Dan Foley; Survivor via Youtube
Photo, Dan Foley; Survivor via Youtube

After trying to get on the long running CBS show 'Survivor' more than 100 times Gorham, Maine resident Dan Foley has survived his first few tribal councils and is becoming one of the most talked about contestants on the show. Besides being too loud and abrasive for some of the other tribe members he also has been called outrageous. A claim supported by his latest fashion statement that is pretty much a diaper made from his tee shirt.

Even though Dan is not a favorite among his teammates he has been a critical asset to his tribe, notably in the last immunity challenge where contestants had to swim while carrying buoys. Something a Mainer is born with the skill to do I am sure. In the after show video below Dan explains what happened to his real underwear. His explanation answers the age old question: where do the people on 'Survivor' go to the bathroom?

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