My dog Gifford was not only named after ice cream, but he also loves to eat it! Now he wants to know what your favorite flavor is.

My husband Jim came up with our pup's name as we were headed home after picking him out from a litter in Hudson. His butterscotch-colored back, over a vanilla body, with facial stripes that look like hot fudge running down his nose made us think of a Gifford's sundae. (plus, we'd passed the ice cream stand on our way to see him) So the name seemed perfect!

But we had no idea how perfect until the first time we fed him some ice cream. He can't get enough of it! I mean, the dog goes crazy for ice cream. He's not real picky about flavors, but he is partial to the Peanut Butter Pie from Gifford's. I mean, he loves anything with peanut butter! Now, he wants to know your favorite Gifford's flavor!

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