Spring has come to Orrington and my dogs are excited about the change in our yard! But Lola had to say goodbye to the snow before it's all gone.

Jim and I took the dogs out in the yard on Sunday, when the sun was strong and the snow was melting. Gifford doesn't really remember the lawn without snow, so he was incredibly excited to have so much room for running around. He's become a very tall dog but he's still a puppy, so when he runs and leaps and bounds around the yard, he really covers some ground!

Lola is 14, so she no longer moves as fast as she used to. But she still knows how to have fun! Lola loves exploring the woods in the spring, and swimming once the weather warms up. But she also loves the snow. So, before it's all gone, she had to find one good patch of the white stuff to make some snow angels.

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