This is super creepy! Watch as an unseen culprit shakes the East Coast Ghost Trackers camera and then knocks over a pile of books!

This newly released footage comes from an investigation in 2011 at what was then the Hammond St. Senior Center at 2 Hammond St. The East Coast Ghost Trackers set this still, night vision camera in one of the long hallways in the bowels of the large historic building.

Reports of activity associated with the books prompted the ghost tracking group to set up their camera here while they investigated. After hours of nothing happening in this area, something very strange happened. See what they caught in the video above!

You can clearly see and hear there is no one in the room at the time this was captured. First something shakes the camera which is mounted on a tripod. Then it moves down the hallway and knocks over a stack of books!

Watch carefully as it is replayed and you will see the books don't just fall but instead seems to lift from the middle of the stack. The East Coast Ghost Trackers also mentioned something strange not caught in this video. According to them when they found the book that listed from the middle of the stack they were shocked to see it was a book about ghosts!

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