Looking for a spooky weekend adventure? Fort Knox will host numerous opportunities to spend the night hunting for ghosts.

There's many stories of creepy encounters at Fort Knox in Prospect. Rumors of hauntings at the historic fort has prompted visits from curious visitors, national TV shows, authors, and many teams of ghost hunters. Maine-based paranormal investigation group, 207 Paranormal, will host another season of after-hours Ghost Hunts at Fort Knox.

During Ghost Hunts, paranormal investigators will guide participants to the fort's ghostly hot spots, and provide all the ghost hunting equipment. Ghost Camp offers brave participants the opportunity to ghost hunt all night, as you spend the entire night camped-out in the dark fort.

Fort Knox Ghost Hunts 2022:

  • June 11 - Ghost Camp
  • July 9 - Ghost Hunt
  • August 27 - Ghost Hunt
  • September 10 - Ghost Camp
  • October 1 - Ghost Hunt

Tickets will go on-sale prior to the events, and can be purchased online. Tickets must be purchased in advance. All of the money from ticket sales goes directly to Fort Knox.

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Ghost Hunts USA will also conduct tours at Fort Knox throughout the summer.

Take A Forbidden Look Inside Frozen Fort Knox

Fort Knox is closed for the season. While winter visitors can roam the grounds, the interior of the fort is closed off from the general public. If you browse through the photos below, you'll see why the fort is strictly off-limits until spring. That being said, we were given permission to enter the fort to create this gallery.

Again, the fort is closed from November through April. Do not attempt to enter the interior of Fort Knox. Entering the fort during the closed months is trespassing, and very dangerous.

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