One generation’s preferred slang is another generation’s "bummer."

"Bummer" is still a popular slang for boomers, but it will make the younger generation shake their head and give you a blank stare and maybe a comment like ‘OMG’

More than half of baby boomers say they struggle to understand what their children and grandchildren are saying. But the reverse is true too.

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Generation Z is famous for selfies. Constant selfies. Gen X says chill a lot.

The differences in what slang we use, based on our age, are from a survey that compared old-school classic slang to today’s TikTok trends. See it here 

And slang words vary from state to state as well as from generation to generation.

Maine’s #1 Old School Vintage Slang Word?

Daddy-O.  Seriously  When is the last time anyone said Daddy O? Other states' most popular slang includes

  • All that and a bag of chips
  • Barf me out
  • Phat
  • Bogus

The most popular all-generational slang is FOMO, Chill, and Totes.  Do you have to google any of those words?

FOMO is Fear of Missing Out. Chill is something we should all be able to do more of, and "totes" is short for totally.

Ready for Popular Slang words in Maine, and maybe only Maine, Daddy-O?

And these didn’t make the national list, but these are slang words we hear in Maine, right?

  • Bug = Lobster
  • Ayuh = Agreement
  • Right Out Straight = Very busy
  • Numb = Stupid
  • Clickah = TV remote
  • Maine Squeeze = A difficult situation or challenge
  • Lubber = A clumsy person

YOLO. Have at it.

Wicked Big List of Maine Slang Terms

You've heard them all, but all in one place?

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