Are you kidding me? I had no idea. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'm talking about a bad habit that you didn’t know you had until someone else pointed it out to you.

Mine was checking my phone during a conversation. Like one can’t do two things at once? But I was guilty. I was only checking to see if a buddy had messaged me, I wasn’t reading messages. I was listening to my wife’s story. Of course, I was. But she made sure I knew it wasn’t nice to pull out my phone mid-story and look at it. And I agree. Sorry.

Having grown up in Canada if you’d said to me ‘You say sorry a lot’, I’d have understood. It’s a cultural thing there. Sorry, but it is. Or is that Sorry,eh.


No one has pointed this out to me as of yet, but I’ll admit that sometimes when I’m sitting and doing nothing, okay maybe thinking, but nothing else I put my hands together on my belly like old people do.

I had to point out one time, many many years ago what a horrible tailgater my wife was. I was working the brake from the passenger seat. Again, it was many years ago, she was much more aggressive then, but she didn’t even realize she was doing it. And we all know nobody likes a tailgater, and it’s definitely not safe. For the record, she is an extremely safe and good driver.

Wasn’t there a song about bad habits being hard to break. .

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