The price of gas has fallen. Kinda...

The price of gas isn't really a new topic of conversation right now. Everywhere you look, the prices are through the roof. Which sucks, because now that everybody has a little more money in their pocket, the universe is finding new and exciting ways to take it away from them. It's been a vicious cycle all through the pandemic.

Recently, according to WGME, gas prices have been falling in Maine. In fact, in the last month or so, prices have fallen some $.40 a gallon. Any other time, that would seem like a pretty decent drop in price, but with the national average falling at a much faster rate than Maine, it makes you wonder... Why?

Location, location, location...

Around the state, gas is still averaging over $4.60 a gallon, while the national average is right around $4.35 a gallon. Even when gas prices were better, this has always been the case. Maine tends to be behind on these kinds of things, but the reason why is our location. Not just because we're way up north, but we don't have as many gas stations as other states. The lack of competition seems to stagnate prices more than other places.

Larger states with more people seem to be the deciding factor in the rise and fall of gas prices. It makes sense. We've seen what can happen in actual gas wars between stores, who occasionally try to outdo each other on the cheapest gas price. But in larger cities where competition is pretty stiff, the prices fall faster.

You'd think our recent population boom the last couple of years might help offset it, but apparently not. This won't last forever, thankfully. But it does make you wonder... Are the prices high because the oil companies will seem like heroes if gas settles at like $3.50 a gallon? Just sayin'...


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