City officials are once again asking community gardeners to adopt-a-garden in Downtown Bangor, and make it their own.

This is a cool program for gardeners who want to expand their hobby, or frustrated growers who don't have the space to show off their creativity. Residents are invited to find a green space in the downtown area and adopt it. A map of the area gives ideas of the spaces that are still available.

Once the spot's been chosen, it's time to go to work. Gardeners can design their own space, within a few, minor guidelines. Organizers want to keep the focus on the natural beauty, and so things like mini-lights are discouraged. And they don't want a lot of signs, although, each garden will be outfitted with a single sign, so others will know who designed it. Volunteers are responsible for designing, planting, and maintaining the space. In other words, the work isn't done when the plants are in the ground. Adoptive 'parents' will also be responsible for weeding, watering, and keeping the space beautiful.

Find all the information needed, including a link to the registration materials, on the Discover Downtown Bangor website. Adoption is open until April 30th.

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