They say write about what you love, and boy do I love Gabby Barrett.

It's been well-established that Gabby Barrett is my favorite act in country music at the moment; it has become one of my defining characteristics. It's practically etched into my identity now, right alongside my love for basketball, beer, Bangor, Brian Hoyer (yes, the affinity for the letter 'B' runs deep), and of course, (Gabby) Barrett.

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In some wonderful news that was announced on Gabby Barrett’s social media on Wednesday afternoon, the country singer shared that she is expecting her third child with her husband, Cade Foehner.

In 2021, Gabby Barrett performed at the Waterfront Concerts on August 20, alongside Thomas Rhett and Cole Swindell, as part of “The Center Point Road Tour” at the Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion (now called the Maine Savings Amphitheater).

Moving on to 2022, Gabby Barrett was all set for her return to the Bangor Waterfront, scheduled to perform on September 10, alongside Jason Aldean, John Morgan, and Dee Jay Silver. However, Jason Aldean later informed that Gabby Barrett would no longer be able to join all the dates of his upcoming “Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour.” Due to her pregnancy with her second child, she needed time to prepare. 

Later that same year, in November 2022, the first Bangor Waterfront concert for 2023 was announced – the “Drunk or Dreaming Tour” featuring Kane Brown, Restless Road, and, yes, Gabby Barrett. The show happened in Bangor on June 22nd and was truly wonderful.


We'll have to wait and see if Gabby Barrett will be part of anything at the Bangor Waterfront in 2024, but we can definitely say "I Hope."

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