Small towns in Maine have a lot more to offer than most folks think.

It's easy to judge small towns based on their lack of either things to do, or lack of restaurants to eat at... And then other times, small towns produce big-time attractions with worldwide recognition. Like the town of Freedom being home to the world famous Lost Kitchen. Or some small towns are just known for being small.

No matter what, you always roll the dice when you go to a social media spot like Reddit to gather intel on what there may or may not be to do in a small town you've never been to. Especially when you're from out of state. Granted, maybe we Mainers should be a bit more patient. After all, they don't know the real deal.

So one brave soul innocently asked about things to do around Corinth.

You can imagine how quickly this person probably regretted asking this question. We'll get to those comments down below because they're straight-up hilarious. But there are indeed, a few things to do around Corinth. It may depend on your interpretation of "fun", but these are some of the cool things Corinth has to offer.

It is home to the largest record store in the whole country.

Maine Record Store is a three-story paradise for record shoppers. Although, to be fair, word on the street is they're only open sometimes. And a peek at their Facebook page shows that it hasn't been updated in a couple years. But just the same... it's a sight to behold in every way. I'd get lost forever.

There's a few great spots to eat.

I've eaten a few delightful meals at the Countryside Restaurant, and I also love Little Lads. And there's more than that, for sure. But I've been to the other two. I'll drive some good miles for a tasty breakfast. Going out for breakfast is pretty much one of my favorite things to do in the whole world.

Plus, Corinth has parks, tennis courts, playgrounds... All things you'd hope to find if you were passing through. Sure, it's not a bustling metropolis that abuzz with activity, but it is a cool little Maine town worth passing through.

On the other hand, if you wanna throw a would-be tourist to the wolves... Keep scrolling...

These Are the Fun Things to Do In Corinth. Sort of...

You'll be entertained, I assure you.

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