Bangor – Brewer Veterans Day parade is from 10:15 to 11:30 or so this Saturday. Perfect timing

You can watch the Veteran’s Day Parade and then head over to The Cole Land Transportation Museum for a special Veterans Day service at 1p.m. The event is to honor the sacrifices and service of our nation’s veterans.

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The event will feature performances by the renowned Bangor Band and will spotlight the young voices of the community through the presentations from the essay contest winners.

This is more than just an event; it’s a moment for us to come together as a community to show our gratitude and respect for those who have donned the uniform to protect our freedoms.

said Jennifer Munson, Museum Director at the Cole Land Transportation Museum.

We’re especially excited about the participation of local students through our essay contest as they share their perspectives on what freedom means to them.

This Veterans Day service is an opportunity for families, individuals, and veterans themselves to connect and share stories, creating a tapestry of remembrance and appreciation. Whether you are a history buff, a patriotic citizen, or someone who simply wants to say “thank you” to our veterans, the Cole Land Transportation Museum is the place to be this Veterans Day.

And it’s free to get in.

Townsquaremedia Bangor
Townsquaremedia Bangor

In a gesture of appreciation and remembrance, the museum is offering free admission to everyone throughout the day.

Visitors are invited to explore the extensive collection of Maine’s land transportation history and learn more about the vehicles that have served our country.

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