For years, literally years... Allen's Coffee Brandy was pretty much the 'unofficial' booze of the state of Maine. There have been articles about it, social media posts, even memes dedicated specifically to Maine's obsession with coffee brandy. But in the last couple years, that has started to shift.

But last year, that scale tipped in a different direction when Fireball Cinnamon Whisky overtook Allen's for Maine's favorite libation. And this year, that trend has continued, as Allen's moved into third place behind Tito's Handmade Vodka. It leaves a lot of folks wondering what's going on.

I could bore you with all the sales data, but you can scope that out from this BDN article. I think it's a generational shift. It seems, on average, folks who are a bit more, shall we say...mature, seem to have a soft spot for Allen's. folks on the younger side seem to like the spicy zip of Fireball.

And let's be real, milk and booze? You only need to go on a White Russian bender once to know that milk and booze is usually a terrible plan. Now, I'm not dissing Allen's specifically, but the milk aspect would certainly deter me. And since Tito's is so versatile, it could go into just about any mixed drink.

But I get it. Fireball is tasty! It might be an acquired taste for some, but I get why people love it. Over time, we'll see what all this means to the folks who make Allen's Coffee Brandy. Maybe Allen's should get with the times, or get out of the way. But however you slice it, Mainers might be deciding for them.

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