Organizers have moved the finish line for this year's Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race, due to high water conditions.

As I glanced at the Kenduskeag Stream from I-95 a week ago, I commented that it was going to be a fast race this year, because the water was high. Since then, we've had rain and more rain, so organizers were forced to take a close look at the course and make some changes, in order to keep everyone safe.

Usually, the race finishes in Downtown Bangor, but race officials say the high tide will make it impossible for boats to pass safely under either of the last two bridges near the finish line. They announced on the event's website this week that the high water has forced them to make a few changes.

The finish line will now be placed immediately after the area known as 'Shopping Cart.' Racers will be required to portage at Maxfield Dam, and can then put their craft back in and run Shopping Cart to finish the race. There will be a large 'Finish' sign on Stream Right, and racers will have to take out immediately after crossing the finish.

Once they've completed the race, boats can be left in the parking lot while racers go to the Warming Tent, which will be set up in its usual place at Gomez Park. Also located there will the Chili and Chowder Feed, Results Board, and Awards. A bus will be running for all racers, to take them from the Finish Line to Gomez Park and later return them to their boats, starting at 11 a.m. and running throughout the day.

Find more information on the Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race website.

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