Anah Shrine is certainly known for their Festival of Trees. How about Festival of Cheese. Actually their calling it a Taste of the Festival of Trees.

Mac and Cheese gets my vote for one of, if not the greatest, comfort foods in history. Love it. And it's also a treat to try different people's versions of Mac and Cheese. Some vary the types of cheeses, some spice it up with other ingredients. But one has to love good ole Mac and Cheese.

A seamless photo texture of mac-n-cheese
M. Harding

The Anah Shrine in Bangor, at 1404 Broadway, will be baking up batch after batch of Mac and Cheese, and making it available to the public for a suggested donation of $10 on Saturday the 14th, beginning at Noon. The Mac and Cheese comes with extras. Add either Chili, Bacon or Buffalo Chicken. All delivered curbside at the Anah Shrine building. You don't even have to get out of your car, and Covid 19 pre-cautions will be taken.

Which one will you choose. I'm not certain I've ever had Mac and Cheese with Chili or Buffalo Chicken. Bacon, yes. So the only question left, which one will I choose. Let me get to thinking this over so I'm not holding up the line next Saturday.

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