Q106.5 Morning Show would love to share the good news.

We have been focusing on Good News stories recently on the Q106.5 Morning Show at 7:15 each morning.  But most of these feel good stories are from the wire services and not necessarily from Maine.  Let's open up Q106.5 to your local Good News you'd like to share.  Today Dana thanks the coaches of her son's football team in Old Town.  Maybe you have a story to share.  Your kids did something great.  Your spouse.  Your boss...well, that might be a stretch.  A co-worker, a relative.  Whomever.  Let's do Good News Shout outs as many weekday mornings at 7:15 as we can.  Use the Q106.5 App call or message button to share.  A Facebook Message.  Email.  Best one, call us on the Q106.5 Morning Show at 991-9500.  Get us the 'good news' so we can share it, and let's flood the world with positive info.  Thanks, in advance, for your help.

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