Joshua Patrick Weldon

The FBI has offered a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of a Maine man who's considered armed and dangerous.

Joshua Patrick Weldon, 26, of Springvale, was originally arrested on August 13th in Alfred and charged with Conspiracy to Distribute Fentanyl. He was released on bond on October 23rd, with the conditions of pretrial supervision, including a requirement that he live at a sober house. Weldon never showed up at his assigned location on October 24th and failed to appear at a scheduled appointment at the U.S. Probation Office the next day.

An arrest warrant was immediately issued for Weldon by a Federal Court in Portland for Violation of Order Setting Conditions of Release. On November 6th, Weldon was spotted in a vehicle by the Sanford Police Department, who attempted to stop it. Officials say Weldon took off at a high rate of speed before exiting the vehicle and fleeing on foot. A canine team was brought in to track Weldon, but he got a ride to Springvale, where police say he smashed in the glass front door of an apartment after the occupant wouldn't let him in.

FBI officials say Weldon was last seen with a short brown beard and is believed to be in the company of his girlfriend, who is not a fugitive from the law. He's described as 5'10" tall, 255 pounds, with multiple tattoos. He has the word 'hope' on his right-hand fingers, the word 'less' on his left-hand fingers; skulls on the backs of both of his hands; a whole sleeve of miscellaneous tattoos on his right arm; a tattoo on his chest of a monk's face with a demon; and the phrases 'L'amore Mia' and 'Dolce Vita' on his neck. Weldon also has ear gauges.

Weldon is considered armed and dangerous, and should not be approached. Anyone who thinks they've seen him is urged to contact the FBI at (857) 386-2000. Tips can also be left at

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