The father of a man who jumped into the Kenduskeag Stream while running from police has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

22-year-old Peter Manuel ran from police in March when they were called to the scene of an altercation at 190 Harlow Street. Police say he jumped the fence near the Margaret Chase Federal Building and made his way down to the Kenduskeag Stream, where he crossed to the other side and fled. A short time later, officials found him standing at the foot of a steep embankment and began throwing rescue lines to him to help him get back across the stream. Police say Manuel refused the help and jumped into the water, eventually slipping beneath the ice. Despite efforts to locate him that night, there was no further sign of Manuel until his body was pulled from the Penobscot River in June.

WVII-TV reports that Gary Manuel is claiming his son fled from police because of a prior history of harassment from local authorities. He says it was because of that previous treatment that Peter wouldn't let anyone help him. Manuel has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the state of Maine, the city of Bangor, the Bangor Police Department, the Bangor Fire Department, and several police officers.


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