Kevin Warner saw a whole family of moose! He was lucky to get it all on video!


Driving through Moxie Gore up in Somerset County, Kevin saw something that most of us will never have a chance to witness. A family of moose. Kevin describes the scene on Facebook: Not 1 not 2, but a whole family of moose! While the father(bull) trots into the woods, the mother(cow) runs to the calves to make sure they are heading into the trees. Motherly instinct, alive in nature.


How amazing. And how Maine. Maybe you've seen a moose and it's no big deal, but a lot of people have never had that chance. They are truly magestic, giant car crushing beasts and so, so Maine.

Have you ever seen a moose? It really does take your breath away when you do. I was in a canoe up in Moosehead Lake (an area very aptly named) when I saw one early in the morning knee deep in the water where I was. I was almost scared, she was huge. But she didn't do anything except look up at me, and keep on walking. Thanks Kevin for sharing the family you saw.



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