Ellsworth parents will show their support for students in the morning following the arrest of a man who had planned a school shooting.

In a post on the department's Facebook page, Ellsworth Police say some parents are planning to meet Monday morning to support the students. In addition, there will be an increased police presence at the schools and Superintendent Higgins has sent out a letter to inform parents of their security plans.

All of these measures are in response to the news that a local man was arrested after allegedly making threats about a school shooting on a gaming site. The Denmark-based company notified the FBI, who then informed Ellsworth Police about the threats. 19-year-old Michael Allen is now charged with terrorizing and violation of condition of release. WABI-TV reports prosecutors say Allen wanted to be the 'most notorious' shooter in history, with more victims than the recent case in Florida. Allen told police he was surprised they'd caught up with him so fast, and that he thought he had more time to plan.

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