Yes, it has actually been open since December, but here comes the official opening. The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be Wednesday the 30th.

The Durgin Center is located at 274 State Street in Brewer.

The Durgin Center operates as a gathering space for adults focused on wellness, enrichment, and social engagement activities.

And with the official opening, and the ribbon-cutting comes an expanded list of available classes and activities.

Community members are also free to drop in for social times and can also reach out to them about renting the space, instructing a class or joining them for one of their weekly meals.

The Durgin Center is also the Penobscot County hub for the Meals on Wheels program. And is always welcoming to new volunteers to help assist in that vital and well-received local program.

Rebecca Kirck is the Executive Director at Eastern Area Agency on Aging and says

"We are incredibly excited to invite the community to join us at 10 a.m. Wednesday March 30th, to celebrate our ribbon cutting and take part in an open house event which will follow and run until 3 p.m."

The agency and the center have numerous programs and activities for all. Here’s the list from its website.

What a fun way to see the updated facility, and discover all that they do. Please bring a mask.

And bonus, with all due respect, no matter your age, you’ll feel much younger when visiting. And you will get a sense of community and what it means as you age in life.

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