Limington Meth Lab

A Limington man is charged with operating a meth lab after drug agents found a pile of one-pot containers on his property.

Deputies from the York County Sheriff's Office conducted a bail compliance check at the home of 33-year-old Andrew Sweeney in Limington Wednesday evening. Sweeney was out on bail on a drug possession charge. During the visit, they noticed evidence consistent with the manufacturing of meth. They secured the scene and called in the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency.

A search of the home turned up five active  one-pot meth labs. Investigators also discovered 40 inactive meth lab containers in a shed on the property. Meth is typically made from household ingredients reacting inside a plastic soda bottle.The State Environmental Protection Agency also responded, to take custody of the dangerous chemicals and its by-products seized from the scene. Sweeney was arrested without incident and taken to the York County Jail, where he's being held without bail pending his first court appearance.

This is the third meth lab incident MDEA has responded to this year. There were 52 meth lab related incidents MDEA responded to in 2018.

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