South Portland Police received a lot of comments on their picture of a moose that wandered into the city, but the best, by far, came from the director of the Maine CDC.

It's big news when a moose walks the streets of South Portland. There are plenty of more rural Maine towns that would consider this type of occurance commonplace. (not to mention Cicely, Alaska. Sorry....Northern Exposure reference) But in an urban area like Portland, it's big news, followed closely on social media by law enforcement and residents alike.

South Portland Police tweeted a picture of the moose on Wednesday, with a warning to residents not to crowd the animal. Officials said they had reports of people getting too close in an effort to take a picture, and that they didn't want the animal to get upset. A moose in the city is one thing, but an angry moose in a heavily populated area is not going to end well. The picture shows the moose along the waterfront, all by itself.

Well done, Dr. Shah. It made me laugh out loud. Social distancing is always important, especially since the moose wasn't wearing a mask. There's no prize for winning most creative comment other than my respect for your inventiveness. You manage, on a daily basis, to find the positive in the day to day challenges of this pandemic. We appreciate you.

South Portland Police tweeted, a few hours later, that the moose had been tranquilized and successfully relocated by the Maine Warden Service. We love a story with a happy ending.

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