Ending hunger is an expression we have all heard. And although a wonderful sentiment, it indeed is such a lofty goal. Hunger is such a tough subject, but we sure never want to see anyone without food. Maybe if we break it down to more of a one on one thought, the goal of ending hunger becomes more achievable. Certainly less daunting to comprehend.

Today is Piscataquis Regional Food Center and Native Maine Foods event to help those in the poorest county in the state, with the “Farm to Family” program and another “Truck to Trunk” event.  It’s between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.  Just show up at the Piscataquis County Ice Arena which is 159 E Main in Dover – Foxcroft.  No questions asked, no proof of income or paperwork required.  The event is a drive through, so you need not even get out of your vehicle.  They’ll load it into your trunk.  Each box of healthy food will have a gallon of fresh milk, and other dairy, fruit, vegetables and meat products.

If you are in need, your family needs not to be hungry. Stop by, with a smile on your face today between 1 and 3 p.m.  No cost to you at this special food distribution event.

Fighting hunger a great community way, especially with all that the past year has put in our way. Connecting farms and people in need.  Here is more information about the great deeds that Piscataquis Regional Food Center does in these difficult days.

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