In my mind, next Saturday is a bit more of a Star Wars holiday because it's May the 4th Be With You Day. I'm all about the fun puns this week. Anyhoo... it also happens to be World Naked Gardening Day. That's right, this is your day to get in the buff, and head outside to get dirty.

I wrote about this last year around this time, too. I mean, do you really need a reason to?! It began back almost 15 years ago, and was inspired by World Naked Bike Ride Day, which holds a striking similarity to the Naked Earth Day ride that happens every year in Orono. I'm not sure which of these things sounds the least hygienic, gardening outdoors, or riding a bike. Well, just don't ask the bike.

Originally, it was held in September, but to me, that's silly. How much gardening gets done in September? May seems a much better month for such a sultry activity. So do your best not to miss this beautiful day. Of course, it's Maine, so it'll probably either rain, or be cold and windy. Hahaha.

But still, here's a harmless way to commune with nature right in your own back yard. Just watch out for rogue binoculars pointed in your general direction. And bee hives. Or your dirty tools. Or anything. You know... because naked.

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