Yesterday, April 22nd, was Earth Day. Around my house, that's a pretty big deal, as my wife is about as environmentally conscious as it gets. She recycles, she composts...she'll even bring home plastic from other places she finds it, and recycles it through our stuff. I have no problem with it, and participate willingly as much as my lazy self allows.

We have lots of flowers, and grow a modest amount of food in a raised bed. Nothing serious, because we don't have a lot of time, but a few veggies and herbs and the like. But since I live in a close-knit neighborhood where the folks next door don't have to struggle to see what's going on in my yard, it has never occurred to me to take part in the fabulous tradition known as World Naked Gardening Day on May 5th.

I could list off a hundred reasons I personally won't participate. Most of which center around my personal comfort in my own skin, and my own comfort level with folks in theirs. I like my neighbors well enough, but I don't any of us want to see each other naked. And, it's tick season in Maine. I'd be powerfully afraid of all those extra spots a tick could find to sink their nasty little diseased mouths into.

But...don't let me discourage you from getting buck naked in the buckwheat! It was inspired by the folks who gave us World Naked Bike Ride Day, started back in 2004. We actually have a similar event every year in Orono on Earth Day, which has been going on since 1970!

The difference with World Naked Gardening Day, is that folks aren't meant to gather in a large central location and do some gardening. This is to be celebrated at your own garden, on your own time, in whatever way you choose to participate. It's about celebrating positive body image, and communing with nature in a way that makes you feel good. I guess some people feel better with their clothes off. Why not?

I mean, like I said, we won't be celebrating this at my house. And I'm sure the neighbors are unknowingly thankful. Ha! But it is Spring, and if the worst thing you do is fly your freak flag while you do some gardening, more power to you.

If you want to know more, you can check out their website, but it's not really a work friendly website, and maybe not when the kids are standing right there. The photos are tasteful enough, but you know....naked people.

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